Travis and Associates Message System (TAMS) TAMS Tech Bulletins

To understand TAMS, you need to know a little bit about what it provides . TAMS is a computer-assisted method of receiving, disseminating, transmitting, archiving and retrieving message traffic that arrives at a site from a variety of sources that may have a particular format and protocol associated with its transmission. The TAMS may be configured based on customer requirements to segregate messages my message source, organizational address, and or discretionary access controls. The TAMS provides the organizations user community with an intuitive web based client where user can read, forward, save, or delete messages that have been disseminated to them based on addressing, content-based decision rule based logic or organization structure. Using TAMS online the user has the capability to create, coordinate, and release messages into the AUTODIN or PTC Switching center utilizing user friendly message forms. Additionally, TAMS users my perform searches against the message repository and obtain results set based on their assigned permissions.

TAMS supported the US Coast missions on two separate enclaves. Classified and Unclassified. Over 40,000 users on the UNCLAS and several thousand on the Classified. It processed 8-10 thousand messages per day.

Although many people associate the Coast Guard with one of its most visible missions, Search and Rescue along America’s coasts and waterways, the Coast Guard is a military, maritime, multi-mission service with a wide range of peacetime and wartime roles. This slide illustrates our three strategic roles of Safety, Security and Stewardship that in turn drive 11 mission-program areas.

The preferred means to login to TAMS is using CAC Authentication; however, users can also login using Simple Authentication (name and password). For example, some commands (ie. Cutters) that are not CaC enabled must login with Simple Authentication.

Travis and Associates Messaging System (TAMS) provides Web or Thin Cliend secure organizational messaging for your command or agency.

TAMS is a cost-efficient Web-based secure organizational messaging solution that centralizes configuration management, system administration, and customer interfaces to the DoD official record messaging system. The same solution also handles non-DOD messages including SMTP e-mail, serial connection and news feeds services as well as a number of agency-specific formats and protocols.

TAMS profiles incoming messages to the right organization by looking at addressing information, message content, and other routing information on each message. The use of profiling — delivering messages based on content and information type other than by address — is a highly effective means for determining internal message distribution.

In addition to near-real-time organizational message delivery, TAMS indexes and creates a searchable archive of all inbound and outbound messages for reference while protecting against unauthorized access. Message drafting, coordination, and release of outgoing messages in addition to complete auditing of all access.

TAMS is a proven system spanning three onclaves with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for 13 years to take care of their messaging systems. We managed several legacy systems before providing them with a web-based system. It was called Coast Guard Messaging System (CGMS).